How to Get ready the Fantastic Black Fungus Salad

Only a few yrs ago, we went back again to my hometown in China to see my moms and dads, my father ordered this at the time in a restaurant. I thoroughly fell in love with it.

It is customarily ready only with Chinese black fungus and cucumber. But, one working day, I had some fried peanuts left, and I was just searching for a way to finish them off. So, I set the peanuts into the dish, and it labored, and it brings together so very well with ‘old vinegar’. So I begun incorporating peanuts in. Having said that, the peanuts are thoroughly optional.

About Black Fungus

There is a lot to say about this ‘Black fungus’. It is a type of Chinese mushroom, the most well-known one is from the mountains referred to as ‘Da Xing An Ling’ crossing the full three Northeast provinces.

In British isles, you can come across them in most Chinese supermarkets, and someday also in the ‘foreign food’ sections of frequent supermarkets. Having said that, the one that you can come across in the ‘foreign food’ part of standard supermarkets frequently will come from Japan, it is marketed in a minor glass jar containing only a few parts, and it is rather highly-priced. I truthfully are not able to convey to the difference with the types we have in Northeast, so it is probably much better to invest in them in a Chinese supermarket (and if they are created in Northeast, even much better).

It is marketed dry, and wants to be soaked prior to cooking it. The black fungus will double or triple its size after soaking. So, each time I go back again residence, I always carry plenty of them back again, they can final forever.

Black fungus in Chinese are referred to as ‘Mu Er’, which virtually usually means ‘the ear lobe of the wood’. It commonly can be cooked in soup, stir fried, or in salad. It is extremely healthy and wholesome: it can help with iron ingestion and blood stress. And in this dish, incorporating up the peanut (with niacin, fiber, vitamin E…) and aged vinegar (aiding digestion and blood circulation, anti-aging..and so on), it are not able to be more healthy.


  • Mu’er (black fungus), cucumber, peanuts.
  • Oil, salt, aged vinegar (if you really don’t have it at residence, you can use rice vinegar instead, having said that the style can be a bit distinctive), anise star, cinnamon adhere, wasabi (optional), mushroom or vegetable essence (optional).


  • Soak the ‘Mu er’ (black fungus) into scorching water for fifteen- 20 minutes, right up until it is tender (each bit is stretched out), clean out carefully, and tear it into smaller sized elements. (It can also be boiled if you consider it is hard to soak to tender).
  • Chop the cucumber diagonally into slim slices.
  • Fry the peanuts in the scorching oil, enable it interesting down afterward.


  • Warmth all over 4-5 desk spoons of oil in the wok, then set a few anise stars and a pair of cinnamon sticks in the scorching oil.
  • Get rid of the anise stars and cinnamon sticks from the oil. Enable the oil to interesting down.
  • Combine tendered ‘Mu er’ (black fungus), sliced cucumber and fried peanuts with each other in a salad bowl, then add in ‘flavored oil’ (from phase 1), 1 teaspoon of white sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of aged vinegar, 50 % teaspoon of salt, 50 % teaspoon of mushroom or vegetable essence (optional) and squeeze in a bit wasabi (if you like).

If you like, you can also set in ‘minced’ garlic and chopped spring onion, and a few drops of chili oil.

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