How To Make a Homemade Barbecue Hamburger Recipe From Scratch In 5 Easy Steps

The majority of things really worth doing require more than one step to accomplish. Great food requires careful planning, maybe several steps over a period of time and perseverance to don’t give up to see the project right through to the finish. All that is also true about anything like choosing to make awesome homemade burgers. Here’s tips on how to do just that in five simple steps.

Step 1. Choose the best ingredients you can afford, especially the ground beef (minced if you’re a Brit). Get the beef from a local farmers market if you can. This is really crucial since the meat will be best quality, which will show through in the end result. Also the cattle are likely to be organically reared by a local farmer who really cares about their welfare. If you do not really do this step, the results will be just as average as everyone elses.

Anyway, the ingredients you need are:

1 pound (450g) of leanest ground beef

1 medium onion, chopped

A large hens egg

4 slices of bread (cut off the crust)

4 tbsp finely grated parmesan cheese

1 tsp each of salt and pepper

(This should make 4 decent sized hamburgers – double or triple the amounts according to numbers/appetite).

Step 2. Mix it all together in this way: blitz the onion and bread in a food processor (or chop very finely). Then put them in a suitable bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mush the whole lot up with your hands, until it’s evenly mixed and you can squash it out between your fingers.

Then break it into four roughly equal balls. Next comes shaping the patties. This can be a really important step that will need your full attention and concentration. You must do it this way: Here’s a cool trick if you want uniformly sized and shaped patties: I use a plastic jar lid, it’s about 4 inches across and 1 inch deep, and off a big peanut butter jar.

Gently push the required amount of hamburger into the lid, and use your thumb to press a hollow in the centre of the patty. The key reason why you’ll need this is so that the hamburger won’t bulge in the middle whilst cooking and will cook evenly

Step 3. There are two basic ways to cook a hamburger (beefburger if you’re a Brit) – one is to broil it (that is, grill it, if you’re a Brit), or to grill it over charcoal or gas (i.e. barbecue, if you’re…..nevermind).

Assuming you intend to barbecue, sorry grill it, either over charcoal or gas my tip would be to use a hinged gridiron. The reason for this is to that you can put all the patties in to grill – and when the time comes to turn them over, they can all be turned over in one go. Also, it’s good to use a hinged gridiron – read about these and other BBQ accessories here –  because they are less likely to break up during cooking, and come out looking perfect. This also has the effect of reducing the amount of fat that runs out onto the coals, thus reducing flames – flames aren’t a good thing in barbecuing.

Step 4. Watch how long they cook for – 5-7 minutes in total each side over a medium hot barbecue grill. To explain and elaborate on that a little, concentrate and don’t over cook them, and also don’t allow any flare ups to occur. If there are any flames due to juices dripping on to the coals have a spray bottle on hand to blast them with water.

Step 5. Serve however you like them. In a fresh burger bun is great – but no one says you have to do this. Here are a few extras to try serving with your excellent barbecue hamburgers.

slices of cheese, mature cheddar
sliced pickled gerkins
sliced pickled chillies
tomato chutney
chilli sauce.
In addition, gently toasting the burger buns is a nice touch.

At the conclusion, for those who have stuck with the above mentioned tips completely, you should have succeeded and after this can sit back and relish the rewards of that success. You can be a little bit pleased with yourself and self-satisfied! You set out to realize your main goal and you just succeeded! Now eat your awesome homemade barbecue hamburger recipe and enjoy!