How To Prevent Possums In the Yard

Possums and gardens are not a good combination, with their preferences for foliage, flowers and fruits; possums can wreak havoc in your backyard all throughout the night. We have seen the damage it can do to your lovely garden so we’ve come up with a few quick effective ways to help possum proof your backyard.

Netting protection – A fail-safe protection against possums is covering up your small plants such as lettuce and chillies with netting. Simply insert a few stakes into your pot or soil and drape the netting over the stakes. Remove during the day for undisturbed pollination and watering. This netting can be gathered from linen shops like Spotlight or Lincraft.

Maintain your yard – Ensure that your yard is well-maintained with all garbage bins placed in fenced-off areas that possums cannot breach. Possums like to make nests in brush piles with readily available food sources nearby so avoid this by bringing in all pet food dishes each evening,and keeping shrubs and trees pruned. This includes mowing the grass when it gets too long!

Poss Off protection – If you are not able to cover larger plant areas conveniently with netting then consider making a possum deterrent spray. Made with chilli, garlic and citronella, the brew forms a strong, bitter taste that possums don’t like. Spray across your larger plants each evening so the smell is fresher when they are more likely to come out while you’re asleep!

Spotlights – A common suggestions surrounds the use of a motion-activated sprinkler to scare possums with water when movement is detected. But to avoid problems during summer with breaching any water restrictions it is a good idea to install a spotlight with a motion detector instead of the common motion-activated sprinkler system that goes off upon movement. Spotlights trained onto trees can be very effective in reducing possum attacks and are a more sensible way to conserve water.

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