How To Uncover Real Hen Nest Suppliers

Virtually everyone in the bird nest field can declare to be a provider. But not all of them can declare to be genuine provider. If you intend to purchase edible bird nests any place, and you happen to be pondering how to discover genuine suppliers, this write-up is for you.

Sources of Real Hen Nests

In order to determine a genuine bird nest provider, you will need to realize exactly where they get the nests from. Edible bird nests are designed by a few unique species of Swiftlets birds particularly Collocalia Fuchipaga, Collocalia Esculanta, and Collocalia Maxima. Most of these birds build their nests in limestone caves, when many others build theirs in deserted residences near to town. These birds build these nests to raise their offspring.

The Collocalia Fuchipaga

The Collocalia Fuchipaga makes the White bird nests which are deemed the best good quality of all. This species of Swiftlets makes use of its saliva to build its nest. The saliva functions as gelatinous strands. The nest of this species is manufactured up of 87%- 97% saliva and other items like feather. The higher proportion of saliva would make it a prosperous minerals and nutrient supply and it is the purpose why White nests are noticed as the best good quality of all.

The Collocalia Esculanta

The Collocalia Esculanta species makes use of its saliva and leaves to build its nests. As these, the nests generally incorporate five-fifteen% of the bird’s saliva when the relaxation are leaves. Also, the nests are generally clear, grayish in colour, and glossy.

The Collocalia Maxima

The Collocalia Maxima species makes use of its feathers and saliva to build nests. These nests glimpse uninteresting, they are creamy in colour, and glossy. The nest is generally manufactured up of five% saliva when the relaxation is the bird’s feathers. Collocalia Maxima’s nests are totally safe and nutritious for human intake. Listed here are related guidelines to assist you differentiate pretend nests suppliers from authentic nests suppliers:

Will allow Inspection

Real bird nest suppliers let consumers to examine them in advance of getting. Avoid getting from suppliers that won’t permit physical inspection. Some nests are pre-packaged to avert people today from inspecting them. Do not purchase pre-packaged kinds.


When you examine any nest, notice the dimensions. Real kinds are not all in the very same dimensions. All species of Swiftlets are not exactly the very same and even in just the very same species, dimensions are unique. As these, all dimensions of the nests cannot be the very same. But all pretend kinds generally have the very same dimensions.

Question for proof of government acceptance

Prior to you purchase from any provider, ask for evidence of government acceptance. In many unique nations exactly where bird nest is obtainable for sale the government generally has a regulatory company to look at the routines of suppliers.

Understand the scent

Hen nests are generally harvested immediately after the youthful Swiftlets are weaned and have flown off. As these, the nests generally have delicate egg scent. As you notice the nests, fork out rapt interest to the scent emanating from it. The kinds offered by pretend suppliers rarely have any scent and if it does, it rarely smells like eggs. Faux kinds generally smell of bleach chemical if observed intently.

Notice the colours

The colour of nests offered by pretend suppliers is generally totally white or reflective. These kinds of pretend kinds have been chemically bleached and they are harmful and dangerous if consumed. Genuine kinds are generally creamy in colour and not totally reflective or clear.

Attempt the bird nest drinking water experiment

You can test this drinking water experiment to verify if a bird nest is pretend or genuine. Start out by soaking a little part of it in drinking water for some minutes. Thoroughly pull the nest’s strands. If the strands breaks immediately with simplicity, then the nest is not authentic. Real kinds are manufactured by Swiftlets and the saliva of the bird solidify. Ideally, it would demand just about forty eight several hours or more to soak a genuine nest in advance of its strands can pull loosely.

How to location pretend suppliers

Most pretend bird nest suppliers generally pre-offer it to avert physical inspection. These kinds of nests are generally sealed in a little container and labeled. Be careful if you intend to purchase them. They are generally harmful and incredibly dangerous. Faux suppliers make their nests from unique components. Some of these components involve fungus, gelatin, glue and flour, pigskin, sea gum or tree weed.

Faux producers know how to make their pretend nests glimpse authentic, but there are approaches to determine pretend kinds. Hen nests are fragile and split simply. Faux kinds do not split simply, they are elastic. Also, pretend kinds have glossy surface and when touched, they feel like plastic. Prior to you purchase from any provider, touch the nest to know how it feels and notice its stage of elasticity.


Quite a few suppliers of pretend bird nests are generally smarter than lots of people today can picture. They do all they can to make the pretend nests glimpse real, and can simply seduce consumers by featuring small selling prices. But if you intend to purchase from a genuine bird nest provider, but do not know how to discover 1, you will need to stick to the hints pointed out in this write-up 1 move at time.

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