Interesting Facts About Garlic

There are some people who adore the taste and flavor of garlic in their food. There are a few who do not mind garlic in their food and there are some who hate garlic. Which group do you belong to? If you belong to the last category, I am afraid you are missing a lot of health benefits. Garlic has a lot of medicinal properties. Garlic is an antibiotic. It contains a lot of antioxidants. It can be used as an aphrodisiac. Garlic has wonderful antiseptic properties. It is an antifungal and antiviral agent. Garlic has the property of fighting cancer. It has the potential to treat and reduce the risk of heart diseases. It prevails blood clots. It reduces the cholesterol levels and the blood pressure. The list of medicinal properties of garlic is endless.

Garlic should be properly stored and cooked if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of garlic. Garlic can be grown in your garden or even in pots or containers. If you want to store garlic harvested at home, you can store a part of the wet garlic in the fridge and the remaining should be let to dry in the sun. The dried garlic should be stored in open baskets or mesh bags to ensure that they get good air circulation. Minced garlic should be stored in an airtight container in a refrigerator. Once the cloves are removed from the bulb, garlic remains no longer fresh. Right storage will retain the qualities of garlic.

It should not be overcooked. Overcooking leads to the loss of the nutrients. It can be cooked in many ways. Garlic can also be used in almost all recipes. If you do not like the flavor of garlic you can add garlic paste to your recipes to get the benefits of garlic. This makes your food tastier and healthier.

What type of food do you love? Do you love spicy and hot foods or do you love sweet and sugary foods? Do you like fried foods or baked recipes? Are you a strict vegetarian? Do you like to eat only non-vegetarian foods? Whatever be your choice, garlic can be added to your favorite food. Garlic sauce can be prepared and stored in refrigerators. They can be used for marinating chicken or any other poultry and meat dishes before barbecuing, baking or frying. You can add a tablespoon of sauce to dishes like fried rice, pasta and noodles. It is very easy to prepare. Boil white vinegar, chili sauce, soy sauce. Add 4-5 cloves of garlic. Dissolve a tablespoon of corn flour in little water. Add this to the sauce to make it thick.

If chicken is your favorite, you will love garlic chicken. Garlic adds flavor and taste to the chicken. If you like to have toasted bread for your breakfast, you should add garlic to the butter you apply on the bread. It enhances the taste and makes your bread healthy. Can you believe that garlic can be added even with chocolates? Chocolates will no longer cause acidity if you add garlic to your homemade chocolate. It can be added to all your vegetarian dishes. It matches the taste of all vegetables. It can be used in all vegetable soups and stews.

Use garlic in right proportions in your recipes to make your dishes tasty. If you realize that garlic is essential to stay healthy and fit, you will definitely not say NO to garlic.

Source by Julia B

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