Light Shrimp Recipes including grilled and fried shrimp

There arevariousdifferent cooking methods when comes to <b>light shrimp recipes</b>. Belowyou’dfind Western and Asian taste of <b>fried shrimp recipe</b> as well as <b>grilled shrimp recipe</b>.


<b>Shrimp and Vermicelli Claypot</b>

Serves four


3 ½ meat, two ½ starch, one ½ fat, one vegetable, one sugar

Protein 43g

Fat 31g

Carbohydrate 77g

Total Calories 760


16 large prawns (or crab claws)

50g mung bean vermicelli (softened and drained)

one tbsp sesame oil

8 cloves garlic (crushed, retaining skin)

5 slices ginger


Sauce mixture:

two tsp complete black pepper (Crushed)

one tbsp oyster sauce

one Tbsp fish sauce

two tbsp cooking wine

two tsp cornstarch

2/3 cupwater


one bunch coriander leaves (reduce into 5 cm lengths, reserving roots)

5 stalks spring onions (reduce into 5 cm lengths)

two red chilies (shredded)


Clean shrimps and remove shells, leaving talks and heads. Combine sauce mixture and setapart.

Temperature sesame oilinside a claypot on medium heatuntil smoke forms. Place coriander roots, crushed garlic and sliced ginger within thewarmoil and brown somewhat. Setwithin the vermicelli and arrange prawns or crab on topof the vermicelli. Pour sauce over, and cook covered overlowheatfor around 10 minutes, or baked in an oven set at 425 Fahrenheit for around 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat and garnish with coriander, springtime onions and shredded red chilies.


<b>Stir-fried shrimp and beancurb</b>

Serves 4-6


3 ½ meat, two fat, one vegetable, ½ starch, ¼ sugar

Protein 38g

Fat 35g

Carbohydrate 28g

Total Calories 580


200g shrimps (shelled)

one tsp cooking wine

½ tsp salt

one tsp cornstarch


one Tbsp oil

six pieces spring onion (3cm lengthy)

six slices ginger

onecupstock or water


one square (300g) soft beancurd (reduce into chunks)

one tomato (diced)

1/3 cup green peas

1/3 cup button or straw mushrooms


Thickening mixture:

two tsp cornstarch

3 Tbsp water

one Tbsp oyster sauce

one tsp sesame oil

one tsp sugar

Dash of pepper


Mix cleaned shrimps with salt, wine and cornstarch and setapart.

Temperatureoilinside a wok and stir fry ginger and onion until fragrant.

Pour instock and bringto boil.

Addveggies and beancurd into thestock and simmer for 2-3 minutes, then add shrimps, cover and cook for 3moreminutes

Finally, stir in cornstarch mixture and boil until thickened.


<b>Grilled shrimp with yogurt</b>

Serves four


3 meat, one ½ at, one vegetable, ½ milk

Protein 34g

Fat 30g

Carbohydrate 18g

Total Calories 480


12 large shrimps / 15 large shrimps

one tsp salt

Juice of ½ a lemon



¼ cup plain yogurt

onesmall onion

one piece thumb size ginger

four cloves garlic (peeled)

two candlenuts or four cashew nuts

one Tbsp fish curry powder

two tsp chili powder

one tsp tomato puree

½ tsp turmeric

½ tsp cinnamon powder

two tsp oil

Salt and pepper to taste



two Tbsp chopped coriander

one Tbsp chopped onions

one tomato (sliced)

½ cucumber (sliced)


Thoroughly clean shrimps and remove shells. Marinate them in salt and lemon juice for at least30 minutes. Rinse and drain thoroughly.

Inside afood processor, blendall the spice ingredientswith the yogurt, oil, salt and pepper until a smooth paste forms. Rub the thick paste on all the shrimps and marinate for a single hour. Grill the shrimps 8cm from heatsourceuntil golden brown on both sides, basting the shrimps with the sauce from time to time.

Garnish with coriander, onions, cucumber and tomato slices prior to serving.