Make your own free chilli feed

Hi guys and girls, hope your all well. Are you buying expensive chilli feed or even tom food well here’s a way you can achieve excellent results with your chillis and toms for free. All you need is a bucket and some stinging nettles! Place the nettles in a bucket and add cold water, leave for a week and hey presto dark smelly water, but the contents of the water is rich in nutrients making it perfect for chillis and toms. Another good tip is to weight the nettles down under the water if you can.

Other news: Our baby muscovy chicks are now born they are the cutiest little things. The turkey “cd” has trebled in size and the first fruits of the infinity chilli are now well on the way.

More news on the chilli farm: we plan to have three static caravans up and running over looking our lake stocked with carp for april 2011. We plan to make it a family fun environment.

Speak soon