Mediterranean Diet – How to Prepare Gazpacho

…. And not just any Gazpacho, but the best Gazpacho!

Besides “Paella” probably the best known dish from the Spanish kitchen is the “Gazpacho”. Gazpacho is not, like many people think, a cold tomato-soup, but a cold vegetable-soup. The right dish as a starter for your next BBQ or a full course if you are trying to lose weight.

Now, there is no recipe for “The Gazpacho”. Because, like with “The Paella”, there are numerous ways of preparing the dish. Almost every village, at least every town, has its own “secret” recipe. One is with garlic, one without. The next is with green pepper, the next with red and the third with green and red.

The Mediterranean Diet is probably the healthiest diet in the world. And it is suitable for everybody, even for people who are trying to lose weight. (Of course you can get fat on the Mediterranean Diet, but not if you eat normal portions!) People around the Mediterranean have the highest life-expectancy in Europe and are amongst the highest in the world.

Now let’s get back to the Gazpacho. You will see the dish is easy to prepare, even if you are not a trained chef. As a special treat, I added a little “something extra” to the Gazpacho and with this you will surprise everybody.

Gazpacho with Passion-Fruit Ice Cubes
1 large red pepper; 10 very ripe Cherry Tomatoes; around 150 grams of pealed Cucumber; 2 spoons of very find ground Coriander; one pinch of Cumin Seed; a spoon of red Tabasco; 4 spoons of Chicken-Chilli sauce; 90ml of good quality vegetable oil and 50 ml of best virgin Olive Oil.

Just put all the ingredients in a Blender and mix until you have a smooth, homogeneous liquid. Strain it through a fine sieve – and you are done. Your Gazpacho is ready! Just keep it chilled until serving.

For the Ice Cubes you just need 5 spoons of Cane Sugar (white) and 100 ml of Passion-Fruit juice. Dissolve the sugar in 5 spoons of juice at a low heat and mix the solution with the rest of the juice. Afterwards fill it in trays for Ice Cubes. Freeze them over night!

You can serve the Gazpacho in a glass with the cubes, or you serve both things separated. However you do it – you have a dish which everybody will like and enjoy. Vegetarians, people who are trying to lose weight and people who insist on biological food, everybody will be happy and satisfied.