Mixed Carrot Cutlet and Tomato Thokku

Mixed Carrot Cutlet:

Requirements: Carrot – 200 gms, Big onion-1, Green Peas-50 gms, Cheese-50 gms, Chilli powder-2 Teaspoon, Corn flour-100 gms, Salt-Required amount, Ghee or Sunflower oil-For frying.

Method: Peal the Carrot and Onion and grate it. Cook Green peas, grated carrot. Mix the corn flour and chilli powder well and add the grated cheese to it. Then add cooked peas and carrot and grated onion to it and make it as a small balls. Then put the tava on the gas stove in flame and press the balls in to vadas and keep it in the heated pan. Pour ghee or oil for frying. After it becomes golden brown in colour take out the cutlets and serve with hot chilli sauce or Tomato sauce.

Tomato Thokku:

Requirements: Bangalore Tomato-10, Chilli powder-4 Teaspoon, Methi-1 teaspoon, Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon, Asafoetida-Little, Mustard-1 teaspoon, Salt-Required amount, Gingelly oil- 100 gms.

Method: First Wash the tomatoes and cook it with little water in a pressure cooker (1 Whistle). Take the cooked tomatoes and peel the outer skin and grind it in mixie to make a sauce and keep it aside. Take a deep pan and heat it. First fry the methi and then pour gingelly oil in it and put mustard & Asafoetida. When mustard burst out, add the tomato sauce that you have made already, chilli powder and salt. Fry it in a low flame till the dough become a thick paste. Add the Turmeric powder and Methi powder in it. Switch off the gas. Cool it and store it in a bottle. It is a very delicious side dish for chappati, Dosa and Upma. It can be used with plain rice also.It will last for 10 to 12 days.

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