Mofongo Stuffing

•    6 large green plantanos
•    1/3 C chicken broth
•    Chopped garlic – 4 tsp
•    1 lb bacon chopped and cooked. Dispose the fat.
•    3 sweet chili peppers
•    Chopped 1/4-cup olive oil
Mix peppers, olive oil, garlic and bacon. The plantanos should be mashed along with the olive oil mixture. Keep doing this till all the ingredients are gone. Then mix the broth and Mofongo and add more broth if you find that the Mofongo is not moist. Stuff Mofongo into the bird and cook. Then, the instructions that came with the bird should be followed.

Read the instructions on the side wrapping before starting the process. It can have key information about the turkey’s required temperature to be cooked in. Wash the turkey well. Heat your oven to 360 degree.  Once you remove the bag from inside the turkey’s cavity, rinse the inside well. Make sure you pull out the bag before you start cooking it.
Put the turkey in an aluminum or tin foiled roaster and line it with the aluminum foil. Keep chunks of butter on and around the turkey. Place an entire stick of butter inside the turkey’s cavity. Then stuff the turkey with the Mofongo. Cover the turkey with the aluminum foil and put it in the oven.
Make sure you read the exact instructions on the side wrapping of the turkey, for the exact time. It is better to be safe than to eat an uncooked turkey. Around 50minutes before the turkey is completely cooked, remove it and remove the foil. Then again place the turkey inside the oven and start cooking.
For more information on cooking turkey go to online videos of turkey cooking and you can find the right way to do it. Because watching a video stays in your mind better than reading and understanding.

Mofongo Stuffing is very important to make a tasty turkey. For more information log on to

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