Naga ghost chilli curry

Our new Naga ghost chilli curry is now live


You can’t beat a good curry, there is something magical about it. I have had many curries and enjoy nothing more than a Vindaloo or a Phall at the weekend. I have noticed that the takeaway curries as they get hotter lose all flavor.

With this in mind i set about creating a hot naga ghost chilli curry Vindaloo/Phall strength that will give you a good sweat but also make you lick the bowl clean. And i think i’ve nailed it!

Made using the naga ghost chilli this curry has tons of flavor.

Just add this Naga curry sauce to cooked meats or veg, bring to the boil, simmer and serve its that simple. The curry size is 330 ml either one large or two small portions.


naga ghost chilli curry