New chilli products for 2013

Hi everyone,

is it me or does Christmas seem ages ago now! After a well earned holiday we are now busy booking shows and sorting out the products for this year, we have a few new products coming out this week. First off although not a new products our Fire sticks (super hot chilli salamis) are available again, these salamis are stuffed full of chilli and soaked in 1 million extract for an amazing burn.

We have also been working hard with Mohamed from Bindi restaurant in Grantham and together we have made a great new relish called Bindi Bad boy,  BBB will be out in the next few days.

I have been experimenting with our peanut butter to produce a sauce version, one that can be poured over salads, chicken etc, i made the first batch today so hopefully after testing will be available over the weekend.

And lastly we have created a new mean green sauce, made with 70% green chillis, this sauce is salty with an amazing flavour, i call it an everything sauce as it goes with everything, its also very very addictive.

So there you have it, a few new items for this year.


Woody x