Nigerian Stew… The different kind of Stew eaten in Nigeria

There are lots of foods eaten in Nigeria and most of them goes together with other kind of foods
like in Nigeria we often cook rice and beans together, sometimes a combination of two or more food is much more satisfying and even more nutritious then just a plate of cereals or legumes.

In Nigeria, stew serve as a common denominator to different kind of food.

Let’s talk about different Nigerian stew… stew in Nigeria goes along with white rice, beans, plantain, yam and Nigerian stew could also be eaten with bread. In Nigeria, there are two major stew recipes and both could go alongside different foods.

We have the regular stew that is made of tomatoes (either ground or sliced) and we also have another kind of stew that is made of palm fruit (Akwu).
it is popularly called “ofe akwu” by the Ibgos, one of the three major tribe and it is their favorite.
Nigerians stew takes a simple process to make and here is how to make tomato stew.

The ingredients includes: tomatoes, pepper, onions, magi (seasoning), groundnut oil, meat(turkey, chicken, beef, or fish), spices (curry powder,
thyme) and any other stew spice you know of.

Blend about one and half medium sized blender full of tomatoes/pepper and set aside, steam the meat with the spices/onions/salt and set aside, slice about two medium sized balls of onion and set aside.

Put your cooking pot on fire and add about five cooking spoon full of groundnut oil and allow to heat, add the sliced onions, cook and stir for about 1 minute then add the ground tomatoes. Cook and stir for the next 20 to 50 minutes until the sour taste is

Once the taste seem OK, you can add the meat, magi (seasoning), stir and taste for salt, OK? Now you are good to go!

The second most eaten Nigerian stew happens to be the “ofe akwu” which simple means palm fruit stew. Are you married to a Nigerian or just looking to find how to make delicious Nigerian foods, here is how to make “ofe akwu” used for eating rice, yam and beans.

The ingredients includes: palm fruit(akwu), Onions, maggi, dried fish (optional), crayfish, saint leaf, green leaf, magi (seasoning), meat(turkey, chicken, beef or fish), pepper and salt to taste.

Wash the meat with hot water and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes (more if it is very strong)
with meat spices, onion and salt and set aside. Boil the palm fruit for about 20 to 25 minute and pound with mortar and pestle, and then add
little water to thoroughly squeeze out the thick juice, filter and pour into the boiling meat on fire.

Stir and add onions, crayfish, maggi, saint leaf, cook for another 10 to 15 minute then taste for salt and add vegetable. Serve with white rice, beans, yam and a bottle of your choice juice.

Note: you can add the meat if it is the soft type (chicken or turkey) after adding crayfish and others.