3 Products for £10

3 Products for £10


Please select three products from the list below.

Foo Kin Shi Tot

A shit hot sauce!

In stock

Fire Garlic

Guaranteed bad breath


A Marmite Chilli Sauce Anyone?

Cajun Bum Bandit

Amazing Heat And Flavour

In stock

Chilli Peanut Butter

Satay Chicken Anyone?

Out of stock

Chilli Mustard

Chilli mustard mash!

Flaming Lime Pickle

A Hot Lime Pickle That Bites Back!

Flaming Chilli Pork Scratchings

The Perfect Chilli Snack

Fire Nuts

Why not take some down to the local, don't forget your camera!

Out of stock

Bumfire Night

The Best Pulled Pork In The World?

In stock

Spit Roast Bacon Chilli Sauce

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. Everyone can now enjoy this chilli bacon sauce!

Mustafa Shatta

A taste of the middle east

In stock


A taste of Thailand


Choose 3 of these great Fire Foods chilli products for only £10, a great deal saving you money. If four or more are selected we will only ship three.


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