Death Onions


Pure evil in a jar!

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Are these chilli pickled onions the hottest in the world? We think so!

Made using the best quality pickled onions and infused with 1 Million Scoville chilli Extract...these fiery chilli pickled onions are going to hurt.

These have very quickly become a hit with our customers, not just for the heat and flavour but for the reactions when passing them around with friends & family! Great with cheese and biscuits, with a Ploughman's lunch or straight from the jar! Take down the pub and share with drinking buddies/enemies for the night of your life!!!





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Silverskin Onions, Spirit Vinegar, Water, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Salt, Sugar, Antioxidants (E300, E330, E223), Chilli Extract

5 reviews for Death Onions

These babies should carry a government health warning!!!
Hotter than hell but totally “moreish” at the same time!
I shall never look at a “normal” pickled onion in the same way again!

My first thought was ‘it’s only a pickled onion. How hot can it be?’
I thought that I could tolerate a lot of heat but bloody hell these are hot. I downed a pot of yogurt in record time after just one of these little balls of pain. The second one somehow managed to touch my lips and I’ll just say that the tingling lasted for at least 15 minutes.

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Unbelievable….had them out amongst the cheese and crackers at the Christmas get together. One of the attendees ended up like Grasshopper and the other had a sever bout of hiccups. It’s also not advisable to wip[e any of the source around glasses…..drinking glasses or reading glasses. These things are warm!!

Had just one onion, couldn’t focus for 5 minutes. Don’t rub your eyes after handling these things!

I just collected my wife from Grantham A&E. She ate one of these and within two minutes she blacked out, cracked her head and shoulder. Blood? Yes. Now she is off work. Is this what you want? Go for it.

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