Fire Garlic


Guaranteed Garlic Breath!

A firm favourite with customers our Fire Garlic chilli sauce is packed full of quality, strong garlic, it makes me cry when I bottle up (and not in a good way!). I can't speak highly enough about this sauce, it won't last you long and has a great burn. This sauce can be used on just about anything to give you an amazing flavour/heat combo. Highly recommended!

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fire garlic



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Chilli Mash (Sugar, Water, Garlic, Chilli, Salt, Vinegar, Thickener (E1442), Flavour Enhancer (E6210), Spirit Vinegar, Garlic, Curry Powder, Naga Chilli, Xanthan Gum.

5 reviews for Fire Garlic

(verified owner)

Bought at the Lincoln Xmas Fair, oh wow, A sweet smoky garlic taste with just a delicate spice underneath. Amazing with beef, lamb and chicken, try it with a bit of slow cooked belly pork.

As soon as the stocks I bought run out, I will be ordering more online.

I’ve had many chilli/garlicky sauces and this is right up there with the best
Very very strong tastes but not extremely hot that it spoils them like some
Well done and thanks

I’m a big fan of all fire foods products. This sauce is absolutely amazing. I purchased it at the lincoln sausage festival this year and it’s superb. Smokey, garlicky and has a nice kick. I would also strongly recommend the infinity sauce, cheese on ghost and the peanut butter (makes a fantastic satay). Many thanks again fire foods.

I love this.. bought at southport food festival.. currently running low so buying more online x

(verified owner)

To me this is like a liquid vindaloo. Absolutely love it, find if the year

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