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A Marmite Chilli Sauce Anyone?

Marmite chilli sauce anyone?  If you love Marmite and twiglets this is the sauce for you. Made with Naga chilli and loads of yeast extract we have incorporated that amazing beefy flavour into this spicy sauce hence the name! Amazing on cheese on toast also a splash to any mince dish, spaghetti bolognese, shepherds pie and chilli etc. One of our original sauces that has stood the test of time and is always asked for at shows and events.

3 reviews for Firemite

Addictive flavour and unusual. I poured a load of it over crispy pork belly and it was amazing. Good to add a little bit to food with a cheese sauce base too trust me! My bottle is empty now :(

I have cravings for this sauce and always buy 3 bottles for £10 at the shows! Lovely to dip crisps in!

This is insanely good!!!! try mixing it with grated cheddar cheese and topping a BBQ gammon steak…..

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