Foo Kin Shi Tot


A ‘Shit Hot’ Sauce!

Foo Kin Shi Tot is our Chinese inspired sauce full of flavours from the Orient. Great on chicken, chips, burgers etc, also amazing in stir-fries! We use the Ghost/Naga chilli for the heat behind the amazing flavours.




foo kin shi tot



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Spirit Vinegar, Chilli Mash (Water, Garlic, Chilli, Salt, Vinegar, Thickener (E1442), Flavour Enhancer (E621)), Chinese Seasoning, Ginger, Naga Chilli, Xanthan Gum.

2 reviews for Foo Kin Shi Tot

Was given a bottle for Christmas, from the Sheffield Christmas Market. This is hot, but not overpowering… Absolutely the loveliest Chilli Sauce I’ve honestly ever had. Bravo for this product. I shall be ordering again :-)

Added it to a supermarket Thai green curry. Made it cry. A nice add on to any spicy Cantonese or South East Asian meal.

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