Over winter Chilli Plants

Did you know that you chilli plants grow for many years?

Most people grow plants for one year and then chuck them on the compost heap not knowing you can over winter chilli plants.  Sure for the easy to grow types i.e. Bell peppers or Jalapeno which are very easy to grow it makes sense but if your growing hot types like the Naga you can get excellent results for many years.

When it starts to get cold bring your chillis in, take off the pot and seperate the soil from the roots, then cut the roots back to the root ball (like a grade one haircut).

Now cut the plant so it looks like a Y shape, be brave all you need is the stem and two points sticking up.

Next re-pot using fresh compost and leave on a south facing windowsill. In a matter of weeks you will have new growth on your chilli plant.