Popular Appetizer Chili Potato

The Fried potato recipe is party food recipe is Christmas dinner appetizer recipe. You can use any kind of chili pepper you like is I like polio or chipotle the best. Buy them dried and put them in your blender to make powder! Serve warm with a dollop of sour cream if desired. You can substitute taco sauce for enchilada sauce.

Vegetables may also be pan fried or deep-fried and then cooked with other vegetables to add texture dimension to the dish. Indomunch features incredible dry aged steak, fresh cut seafood, and innovative southwest cuisine. We offer the finest presentation and excellent service, all in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Chili potato is comfort food is full of good-for-you ingredients, such as capsaicin, the spicy element of chili peppers identified by researchers as a cancer fighter. The fiber-rich beans found in most chili dishes have also been linked to a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. The Chunky and flavorful fried potatoes with onion, green pepper and parsley. Fried potatoes are popular appetizers in NewYork people as well. Please purchase online www.indomunch.com in NewYork city.