Popular Street Food in the Philippines

Everywhere in Metro Manila you could always find kiosk or small establishment in every corner that sells street food. Street has become popular Filipino food for the reason that we use to have quick snacks. Aside from the immediate availability of Filipino street food, this kind of food is so affordable that makes it so popular for all walks of life. Here is my list of ever popular Filipino street food.

 Fish ball: Fish ball is so popular as it always be there for a long period of time. It is usually offered using a push cart with built in kerosene stove to fry fish ball. It is usually soak from vinegar with soy sauce, chili, onion and sugar. Aside from vinegar dipping, another kind of sauce for fish ball is a thick sweet and sour sauce; it could be spicy or just plain.

Balot:  Balot is another popular street Filipino food.  But aside from Philippines there are other Asian countries that eat Balot as a delicacy. Balot is a fertilize duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in shell. For some balot might be a strange kind of food but for us Filipino it is part of our culture.

Penoy : It is a unfertilized duck egg, it is cook and eaten the same way with balot. It is usually sell along with balot and eaten along with vinegar or salt.

Tokneneng / KwekKwek: Tokneneng  or kwek kwek is a hard boiled duck or quail egg, the egg is deshell and being covered with a batter with an orange food coloring then fry. It is usually eaten with a mixture of vinegar, cucumber, onion, ground peppercorn and salt as a sauce. Tokneneng is not only a common strret food in the Philippines as it become a favofite Filipino recipe for merienda.

One day Old Chick : It is rejected newly hatched chick in poultry farm. It is usually fry and dip in vinegar as a sauce

Adidas: It is a barbeque chicken feet and soaked from vinegar. In Philippines we usually call chicken feet as adidas

Inihaw na Bituka and chicken head: You could also find a lot of vendor selling chicken and pig intestine as barbeque, it is usually precook adobo style but without water before grilling, chicken head and also cook and sell as a street food.

Kikiam and Squid ball/ Chicken ball: Kikkiam, chicken ball and squid ball is also cook and sell along with fish ball. We usually eat kikiam, chicken, squid ball with hot and spicy sweet sauce

Sago’t Gulaman: It is a popular Filipino drinks that always offer in the street. It is a gelatin drink with arnibal or sugar syrup.

Because of the negative impression of street food for being unhealthy and for improper  food preparation as always shown in some Filipino television program, people start to turn their back for patronizing  those street food especially for kids. I am glad that presently those popular street foods are being offered not only on street corners but on big reputable malls and supermarket in the Philippines that gives a new image for our street food. It only shows that Filipinos are not capable of turning their back completely with our Filipino street as it always been a part of our culture.