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PUNJABI RECIPE – Punjabi cuisine

Punjab is a northern state of India and is very popular for its rich food . Punjabi recipe is prepared in delicious gravy and punjabi parathas melted in butter/ ghee. Punjabi dishes is simple, healthy and yet has its own fascination. The famous dishes like matar paneer, dal makhani, parathas, bature, lassi are popular all over India.

Zealous people from the state of Punjab are not behind any other state of the country when it comes to food. Their infectious zest of food has caught millions others, so much so that the Punjabi cuisineis not just relished in India but the world over. Foreigners often identify Indian cuisine with Punjabi food thanks to the the big Punjabi diaspora and the mouth-watering cuisine of the state.

Staple diet of the people Punjab and Haryana is wheat based rotis, paranthas and naan. Rice is cooked less frequently on special occasion. It is often prepared flavoured with onions and other condiments. Striking feature of the cuisine of Punjabis lavish use of butter, cream, ghee and cheese. Pulses or dals, cooked on slow fire and flavoured with characteristic Punjabi tadka, constitute a major item of the meal. Gravy is prepared using the basic mix of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, chillies and liberal dose of spices. Jaggery is appreciated by the people in the winter season.

Traditional Punjabifood is cooked in earthen tandoors (ovens) which lend it a unique aroma. Though vegetarian dishes of the state are extremely popular and demand no introduction, some non-vegetarian dishes of the state are also famous for their scrumptious taste and the typical Punjabi flavor. The rich food is downed with the famous Punjab-di-Lassi.