Receipes for first time cooking

Hello there,

I thought of sharing some quick and easy to make recipes. These should be good enough for 3-4 days. Also awaiting your attention is a recipe of a fabulous dessert.

You can start trying these today itself incase you are not too tired after work. It takes very less time and effort and is really yummy!!

All the best honey!! I suggest try dal when you have someone with you coz you must not be knowing to use pressure cooker. Rest are all simple

A little of knife cuts, oil and heat burns should be kool!! Remember no pain no gain!!

a) Rice.

I think for you 1/2 cup rice should be enof.

Take rice in a frying pan, wash it twice / thrice with water

Keep water level till half of your little finger over the level of rice in the frying pan.

Keep on heat.

When it boils, lower the flame and cover with lid.

After 10 mins, check if the surface of rice is dry consider it to be cooked.

b) Dal

Again half cup should be more than enough for one person.

Wash it and keep water level till half of your little finger over the level of rice in the frying pan.

Pressure cook – keep the cooker on heat, lid closed with the rubber ring inside the upper lid. Let it whistle thrice.

Dal is cooked.

In a small pan, take

1tsp ghee, 1 tsp oil


Add 1 pinch of rai, jeera, hing, mirchi (1/2 depends how spicy you eat), ginger (half inch) and curry leaves (kalilim patta)

When the above splutters add to dal and add salt 1 tsp and haldi 1 tsp.

c) Potato gravy


1 – Onion – chopped

1 Potato – peeled and cut into 4 pieces – Mix with the paste below

Ginger  (one inch), garlic 2-3, 1 tsp Рhaldi, mirchi pul, 2 tsp garam masala Рgrind in mixer for smooth paste

Heat 1 tablespoon oil.

Add 1 onion chopped, hing

When the onion turns pink and soft

Add the marinated potatoes, salt

Fry for 5 minutes, stirring continuously

Add 1 small cup water.

Cook on slow flame for 5 mins, cover with plate.

When the gravy smells good and thicken add a tsp of ghee

This goes great with bread, roti, rice and chopped onion with fried papad.

d) Kadi

Take one cup curd

Add 2 tsp besan

Add 1 tsp hing, haldi, salt, lil sugar 1/2 tsp

Take 1/2 chillies, half inch ginger and churn it in a mixer, once a paste add to above.

Keep stirring to a smooth paste

Heat 1 tsp ghee

When hot add 1 tsp rai, jeera, curry leaves, dalchini / cinammon (small stick of half inch) – lavang / clove (2-3) – if you know where it is

Add the smooth paste of dahi

Add 1 cup water and stir

Cover with lid and cook for 5 mins on slow flame

Chop coriander / kothimbir and add to above.

Goes great on rice.

e) Potato bhaji

Take 1 potato

Chop in small squares may be 5 X 5 cms. Dont peel

Add 1 tsp haldi, mirchi and garam masala to chopped potatoes and mix properly

Heat 2 tsp oil

Add hing and marinated potatoes

Add 1/4 cup water

Cover with lid and cook for 5 mins till all the water is evaporated and potato is soft.

f) Fried Karela

Take 2 Karelas

Wash it and chop it in fine thin circles

Add 1 tsp hing, haldi, mirchi, salt and mix properly

Add a little rice flour – 2 tsp

Fry on tawa with little oil

Tastes yummy doesnt taste bitter.

g) Cabbage bhajji

Take small quantity of cabbage (May be 1/4 cabbage)

Chop it finely

Add 1 tsp hing, haldi, mirchi, garam masala, dhana jeera powder

Add 1 small chopped onion and 2 tablespoon besan

Add a (1/4 cup) little water and mix well

Heat oil for frying bhajiyas

When the oil is warm, add a spoon to the batter

Take a spoon and drop the batter into oil slowly – be careful of your eyes as it may splutter when you drop balls of besan

Hang on for 3 minutes then turn around

When they turn golden brownish, take out and drop on a tissue paper / newspaper to soak extra oil

h) Dessert – Cold coffee with ice-cream

In a mixer, add 1 cup milk, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp cold coffee, 2 cubes ice and churn it for 2 minutes till it mixes well

Take off in a lovely tall glass and add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream whichever you like (I dont like chocolate so mine is always vanilla)

If you are more fond of chocolate, you can grate Cadbury Dairy Milk and put the pieces on top of the icecream which is floating over chilled coffee