Searching Spicy Food Destinations Around the World

(1) Hot Mexico

Mexico is the birthplace of peppers. About half of peppers around the world are grown in Mexico in all kinds of variety, such as red, yellow, blue and green. Mexico is not only the No.1 chili country in the world, but also it owns the second hottest peppers in the world. There are more than 100 kinds of chilies with different names, fresh or dried. There are also numerous processing methods and they are used for bacon, soup, barbecue, salads, sweets, drinks and everything you can imagine.

Authentic Mexican food are mainly made of peppers and tomatoes, with the taste of sweet, spicy and sour. Nearly 90% of the sauces are made of peppers and tomatoes.

Recommendation: Cholula Hot Sauce

Cholula hot sauce is one of the most addictive sauce in the world and it is a major brand in Mexico. The main ingredients are red peppers and various spices. Most of the Mexican food are matched with cholula hot sauce and then become popular around world.

(2) Spicy Argentina

Argentineans mainly grill beef and they enjoy it. Whether in the capital Buenos Aires, or in small towns of mainland, rotisseries can be seen everywhere. Many homes are equipped with stoves or barbecue grills, and even in rural areas, some parks or forests provide you with barbecues.Vivid black or brown beef samples stands at the door of large-scale barbecue shops in the downtown area. Inside large French windows, you can see a few pounds of beef piled up around flowers, barbecue chef wearing a “Gauchos” clothing: black hat, doublet and leg embroidered breeches, a red scarf tied around the neck. Some shops put ovens at prominent positions so that customers can better enjoy the food while listening to barbecue sound and looking at red charcoal fire.

When eating toast beef, you can choose different seasonings according to your own taste. Seasonings such as cold lettuce, tomatoes, onions can make your food less greasy. Some people prefer fried potatoes coupled with eating baguettes and drinking red wine. During customer’ waiting moment, waiters will first serve them big barbecue dumplings together with aperitif. If they treat guests at home, the first dish on the table is a piece of bread with sausages, and then is the barbecue dinner.

Recommendation: Barbecue Matched with Chimichurri Hot Sauce

You can eat barbecue everywhere, but if barbecue is matched with Argentina chimichurri hot sauce, then it will be unusual. Chimichurri hot sauce is also one of the most addictive sauce in the world. Chimichurri hot sauce is a popular seasoning for preserved meat in Argentina and Uruguay. The name can make a majority of Argentine people drool when they hear it. Main ingredients of chimichurri include chopped parsley, garlic, oil, vinegar and pepper pieces.

(3) Peppery Tunisia

Tunisian is a country with a long coastline and rich seafood resources, so seafood and fish are very common dishes on the table. Wheat cooked in the form of cous cous is the main specialty. Vegetables like red peppers, tomatoes, green peppers, eggplants and pumpkins are widely used in the cooking process. As cattle and sheep are grazed on the fresh grassland, they taste quite similar to lamb, veal and goat with unique flavor. The usage of thyme, rosemary and herb seasoning has spread to the cooking methods.

Tunisian appetizers mainly choose dried fruit, olives or octopus and squids, mixed with red peppers or other seasonings. If added with lemon juice or olive oil, they will taste better. You can enjoy the classic taste of red pepper “Harissa” when you smear olive oil on bread, or else you can also try the classic beef and cheese pudding “Tajines”.

A representative Tunisian meal are a bowl of soup and a small dish of salad before the staple food. The main course generally consists of barbecue, or other kinds of poultry meat. Of course, fish and stewed vegetables are cooked with cous cous. Fresh fruits, pastries and peppermint tea brewed from pine nuts and mint leaves are usually enjoyed after the meal.

Recommendation: Harissa Chili Sauce

Harissa chili sauce, made from tomatoes and peppers, is one of the most addictive sauce in the world. In North Africa it is even served as a separate appetizer and especially in Tunisia, people eat them every meal.

(4) Sharp Malaysia

Assam Laksa is the most popular cuisine among all of Malaysian cuisines. Malaysian dishes are famous for spicy and coconut is the main ingredient. Seasonal dishes are also featured by spicy.

In addition to rice, mulberry cake is also the main food, which is made of shrimp paste by fermented shrimp, tossed with peppers, crushed up in stone mortar and finally sprayed with lime juice to make it slightly medicinal odour. Rice, mulberry cake and vegetable are the most basic food. If coupled with onion, garlic, ginger, species, small dried fishes, then it is a relatively rich meal.

Recommendation: Satay

The most representative dish in Malaysia is called “satay”. Speciality satay is a kind of spicy sauce made through barbecue and cook, full of flavor. The amount of food is enough for two people and each will cost you 12 ringgit. Smoked salmon, fresh asparagus salad and cold smoked salmon pieces are all dishes of light flavor, 20 ringgit each. Seafood soup, which is made from fresh shrimps, squids and oysters, tastes delicious and sour with spicy and will cost 10 ringgit. Seafood fried rice noodles is added with a special sauce, which is rich in flavor and can be served as a main course and the price is 16 ringgit. In addition, acid shrimp, coconut rice (made from rice, meat and various vegetables), rojak (fruits mixed with sweet and spicy sauce) and hot and sour fish, are all popular Malaysian food favored by tourists.

(5) Sour-Spicy Korea

The wet weather and absence of vigor affects your appetite and then you may want to have something sour and spicy to refresh yourself. At this moment, Korean cuisine famous for sour and spicy can be put on your schedule.

Cattle intestines and tripe: To what extent do Korean love cattle intestines and tripe? Mr Gill once said:”Korean will not have big response if you treat them with shark fins and abalones. But if you ask them to eat roasted cattle intestines and tripe, they will drool quickly and consent without consideration.” In Korea, cattle intestines and tripe are especially sold by barbecue restaurant. One shop called Aomai Ji ( a transliteration of “Korean small cottage”, not the “oh my god” in English transliteration and it got the name because at first cattle intestines and tripe are sold at a cottage on the roadside) with a quite long history is the first specialty store for grilled cattle intestines and tripe. It has a history of 60 years since it was open in Busan.

Recommendation reason: This can be called Korean beef offal, but it differs from beef offal cooked by Guangzhou people with aniseed, fennel and other spices. Korean people just eat cattle intestines and tripe through barbecue.

How to enjoy tripe: While roasted cattle intestines and tripe belong to a certain kind of beef offal, but it is quite different from Chinese beef offal. Firstly Aomai Ji uses cattle from Qingdao, and we usually eat buffalo. Compared with beef offal of buffalo, their beef offal tastes more tender and beef- flavored. Most importantly, the intestines and tripe of cattle have digestive juice which is the favourite of Korean people. It is said that it can make toasted cattle intestines and tripe more delicious.

(6) Invigorating-spicy Thailand

Thailand cuisine is famous for its color, aroma and taste. The most prominent distinction is sour and spicy. Thailand chefs like to use a variety of ingredients such as garlic, pepper, lime, fish sauce and shrimp paste to season dishes, finally cook pots of Thailand cuisines with sour and spicy flavor. Specialities include winter Yam Kung (hot and sour seafood soup), tender chicken with coconut milk, curry fish cake, green curry chicken, mango rice and so on. Fish, shrimp, crab are trumps of all restaurants, such as grilled crab, grilled shrimp, pork neck meat, curry crab and so on. There is also the most spicy chili here!

The Most Spicy Chili in the World-Thailand Pod Pepper

It is said that Thailand pod pepper is the most spicy chili in the world. It is called “mouse droppings pepper” in Thai, meaning that this is a very small but extremely spicy chilli. It is widely used in Thailand cooking art. When they do the cooking, it is necessary to sprinkle with chopped peppers and if they do not add peppers, it just like eating spicy Sichuan cuisine without chili.

Traditionally, Thai sit on the floor to have their meal, but now in the restaurant there are tables and chairs instead. Therefore, there is no difference between common Chinese food and Thailand food in the dinner manner. If there are elders and youngsters or generational distinction among diners, people should first take seats close to the wall or get started from the furthest seat from the door.

Source by Chen Fen

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