Soups, Types and Types

Do you know the change between

  • A Soup
  • A Casserole
  • A Stew
  • A Warm Beverage?

I determine soup as a liquid food that has been organized by boiling a mixture of vegetables, meat, fish and seasoning

Soup is most generally served as a starter as the very first component of evening meal, but depending on the style of soup, it is can also be the focal position of a evening meal, becoming supplemented with bread or toast.

Soup is also applied for medicinal applications, as a way to give a nutitional meal that is quick to digest.

Types of Soup

Very clear SOUPS

Very clear Soups are built from a very carefully organized stock, making use of both meat or vegetables to give it flavour. The major types of apparent soups are bouillon and consomme


Thick soups are also built from stock but are thickened by the addition of milk or cream, vegetables, eggs, rice or grain. Thick soups can be pretty very similar to stews or casseoles, and can form the basis of the meal.


Broths are built from a basis of apparent stock. Broths can be a slender soup, but a lot more generally they are built as a thick soup by making use of vegetables, rice or barley and are serveed as the substantail part of a meal.

Product SOUPS

Product soups like a Creamy Potato Soup Recipe, are easy, tasting and extremely healthy. Commonly to make a cream soup, the components are blended just after cooking and a little part (a cup or so) of cream or milk is folded into the soup. I often acquire care when reheating a cream soup not to boil the soup.


Bisques are commonly abundant and thick, becoming built from activity fish or shell fish (lobster, prawns or crab).


Generally seafood forms the foundation of chowders, and supplemented with vegetables and crackers or croutons.


Purees are easy coups, built by mixing the components just after the cooking system has concluded. A puree is not pretty as thick as a cream soup

Soup is in truth a multipurpose form of nourishment and certainly deserves a lot more accolades than is typically offered!

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