Stainless Steel Cookware Set – Your Best Kitchen Helper


Delicious, healthy food along with quality time spent together with your family, is worth the effort and time spent on whipping up nutritious meal every day. Juggling career with parenthood is never easy. Cooking for the family should still be a priority. Getting a good quality cookware set to help out in the kitchen lessens the stress of cooking a balanced meal for your loved ones. Show your enthusiasm for healthy cooking, and your love for your family, with delightful home-cooked meals.

A complete set of stainless steel cookware usually comes with pots and pans of a few different sizes and are excellent for steamboat, stir-frying vegetables, cooking noodles, stewing, soups and dishes that require fast and strong heat. Solid and rust-free, non-discoloring, easy to clean, providing quick, all round even, instantaneous high heat, reducing cooking time, so allowing you more time to enjoy your sumptuous meal. Gleaming and sparkling, with a polished, luxurious look and elegant designs, these are certainly pots and pans that you would not want to hide away. Add a touch of class and a sense of pride to your dinner, with these beautiful cookware.

Few things in life fulfill our desire to enjoy living as much as good food with equally good company. Get the freshest ingredients that you can find, cook up delectable and healthy meals every night. Bring the world into your kitchen, cook up wholesome, mouth-watering, gourmet dishes from around the world and make cooking a truly enjoyable experience.

Get a round of applause from your loved ones on this simple yet healthy dish once enjoyed in the imperial court of China.

Steamed Scallop:
Ingredients: 4 pieces scallop, 1 roll of Japanese soft bean curd, an egg, 2 tbsp. chicken stock, 1 tbsp. soy sauce, 1 tbsp. crab roe, parsley, chilli and spring onion (for garnishing)

1. Divide Japanese bean curd into 3 pieces.
2. Scoop out a little of the bean curd from the center of each piece.
3. Fill up the scooped out section with a scallop.
4. Arrange the bean curd with the scallops on a plate for steaming.
5. Crack the egg, whisk it gently, then add in chicken stock.
6. Pour the egg mixture onto bean curd.
7. Sprinkle crab roe on top of scallops.
8. Steam for just 3 minutes, using the steamer from your cookware set.
9. Lastly, add soy sauce to taste and garnish with parsley, spring onions and chilli slices before serving.

Viola! A beautiful and appetizing creation fit for His Royal Highness!


Source by Karen Li