Steps on How to Grow Chillies on your Backyard

A lot of people want to know how to grow chilli. They want to know how to grow them in their backyards and harvest them when the right time comes instead of getting those from the grocery. Growing chillies is also a fun and great hobby, though the results usually depend on the climate of your area. But there are things that you can do to grow great quality and quantities of chillies from your own backyard in most climates.

Some people who live in areas where chillies do not grow well outdoors grow them in greenhouse but here are some tips you can do when growing chillies“>growing chillies outdoors.

First of all, you need to think about the seed. You can visit your favorite supermarket, purchase a chilli and use the seeds of the chilli you cooked with. But you can also get it from a specialist seed company which has seeds from chillies grown especially for their seeds. Besides supermarkets, you can also get them from major seed supply firms or DIY stores. Buying chillies from specialist chilli growers is a more preferable choice though because they are easier to find especially in the internet.

Growing them is super easy. All you need to do is throw a few chilli seeds in a pot. If you want to have the best chillies, there are some steps you can carefully follow.

If you live in colder areas, start chillies off earlier in your home. You can grow them on your kitchen’s windowsill. You can start off in January or February if you want to give them longer growing season. Plant three to four seeds on the surface of the pot of compost that has been watered. The compost should be covered with fine dusting of filter compost. Make sure you keep the pot on warm windowsill and in just one week, the plants will start growing.

If the plants reach about an inch high, they should be potted on their own pots. The seedling should be handled by its leaves and transfer it gently to its own pot. You can make a small hole and push the soil round its roots. Grow the plants until it is tall or big enough to be planted on its growing positioned. As your chilli is growing, make sure to keep an eye for slugs and deal with them how you see fit.

In harvesting your chillies, you just need to pull them off the plant when they are ready. You can wait until the chillies turn red but you can also eat them green if you want to. There are different types of chillies you can plant in your garden such as thin walled chilli, Peter pepper, Jalapeno or the world’s hottest pepper. But they require different techniques in planting. Make sure to watch your plant as they grow and see how you can successfully grow and harvest a variety of them. These chillies are not just perfect if you love incorporating them in the kitchen, but you can also enjoy watching their vibrant colors in your garden.