Sweet and Spicy Barbeque Sauce: A Must Have For All Those BBQ Lovers

Barbeque sauces are perhaps the oldest and the best discovery in American history. Barbequing during the period of the 17th and 18th centuries in America was carried out by natives in most humble ways of roasting meat, with a mild addition of the BBQ sauces. These sauces, as mentioned in the history are said to be a combination of just vinegar and pepper, most preferred in coastal areas of North and South Carolina, and in parts of Virginia and Georgia.  Mustard based sauce was the only new innovation in these BBQ sauces, which became a real hit among the natives of South Carolina. This change was largely attributed to the German influence and for quite some years was the most preferred alteration.  As years passed by, the Americans preferred a tangy, spicy and a more different than the usual, conventional BBQ sauce, with the use of different spices. These innovations were tremendously appreciated by many even across the continent and suddenly became witness to a growing popularity.

In today’s times, BBQ sauces are mostly seen as a concoction of spices such as molasses, vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, mustard and pepper. Each of these elements is considered essential in dishing out that distinctly flavored barbeque sauce. Popular variations in BBQ sauces that have become a rage are the sweet and spicy, tangy and sour flavors, with bases comprising of mustard, tomato or vinegar. The craze for barbeque sauces can never cease to end, even as states within a country constantly discover new flavors that end up becoming the USP of the region. In fact, some barbeque sauces are best known by the name of the state they belong to, which adds to the selling quotient.

A unique taste that has off late, caught the attention of many is the sweet and spicy barbeque sauce, which gives out a distinct flavor that lingers in your mouth for hours. This sweet and spicy barbeque sauce is not a run-of-the mill sauce; it is prepared from specially chosen spices that maintain a balance between the sweetness and spiciness of sorts. Basic components that go into the making of this BBQ sauce are salt, molasses and some spices such as chili and garlic powder. These components, when mixed well with a slight addition of Worcestershire sauce, vinegar and lemon juice add depth to the barbeque sauce and what’s more, can be prepared at home as well, ready to be smothered over almost any smoked item, under the sun. Hence if you love outdoor cooking, then there’s nothing like cutting the meat neatly yourself and grilling it on fire, adding to it is that lip smacking barbeque sauce.

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