For as long as I can recall, my family have used Tabasco sauce.  I can remember the little red bottle always being in the cupboard as a child. Nowadays, I use a lot of hot sauces in my cooking/eating… so thought I’d give Tasbasco Habanero Sauce a try…” a Jamaican style sauce”, their words not mine… made by the famous U.S based company Mc.ILHENNY….. makers of Tabasco sauce since 1868. The packaging promises…” a fruity, yet fiery sauce ”



Vinegar, habanero pepper, cane sugar, Tabasco brand pepper sauce, salt, mango puree, dehydrated onion, banana puree, tomato paste, tamarind puree, papaya puree, spices, garlic, tabasco pepper mash.

Who would have thought you’d need that many ingredients, to make a hot sauce !!? Anyway,.. upon opening the bottle, you get the distinct vinegar aroma one would associate with Tabasco, indeed with a lot of hot sauces. As for ” fruity and fiery ” hmmm, I don’t taste fruity, it tastes very much the same as traditional Tabasco… though maybe a tad more subtle, and a shade sweeter, but not caribbean.However it’s definitely hotter than normal Tabasco, but I would hardly describe it as “fiery”,  the heat is contained to the tongue and mouth,  It’s great in soups and stews etc… but is also good used as a drizzle sauce for pizzas, eggs, chicken and much more. All in all, not a bad sauce if you like a bit of spice, but there are defininately a lot hotter, and tastier sauces out there.

FLAVOUR:  5/10

HEAT:           6/10