The Culinary Delights of Singapore

Different types of cuisine

Hainanese chicken rice, poached sliced ​​chicken breast served over rice cooked in chicken stock, is considered the national dish of Singapore.

Seafood favorites include chili crab in thick chili sauce, and treats of pepper crabs and black pepper crayfish both served in a thick black-pepper-and-soy sauce.

The varied peoples and cultures of Singapore make a true foodies paradise of flavors!


– Carrot cake – made from steamed, pounded white rice fried in egg.

– Hokkien bak ku the boiled pork ribs in herbal soup, served kway teow , with stir-fried rice, or with noodles, egg, prawns and fish.

– Oyster omelet with garlic and soy sauce.

– Mee – Made from thick wheat noodles with seafood, meat and vegetables in heavy sauce.

– Teochew – Steamboat of boiling broth for dunking pieces of fish, meat and vegetables;

– Fishball – Springy ball of pounded fish, often served in a noodle soup.

– Congee or moi- Rice porridge served with fried fish, salted vegetables and braised goose or chicken or fish.


– Consists of stir-fried rice and vegetables in light oil served with tender, crisp meat; wantons and sweet-and-sour sauce.

– Most popular is the clay pot rice made up of rice cooked with chicken, Chinese sausages, mushrooms, in a clay pot.

– Roasted plain and red pork are favorites along with shark fin soup and the dim sum.


– Popular for its rich garlic flavor with bean-paste with a whiff of chili.

– Beef and mutton are common as is the Peking duck. The fried skin is peeled, cut, wrapped in thin pancakes with spring onions and a touch of sweet plum sauce. The meat, served later, is equally as scrumptious.


– Similar to Beijing cuisine, but more oily and contains more fish.

– Dishes include drunken prawns and drunken chicken and the mysterious bird's nest soup of swift's nests.


– A rich, spicy style that also treats on garlic, sesame oil and bean paste.

– Most popular are chicken with dried chilies and hot-and-sour soup.


– This cooking style blends the Indonesian and Thai flavors of ginger, turmeric, chilies, lemon grass and dried shrimp paste.

– Curries include rending a dry, dark and heavy coconut-based curry served on meat.

– Sambal, a red and spicy chili sauce.

– Sambal belacan of fresh chilies, dried shrimp paste and lime juice.

– Satay of sweet barbecued meat kabobs dipped in chili peanut sauce.


– A style dominated by noodles, oyster sauce and coconut milk.

– The main dishes are laksa lemak a combination of noodles, coconut cream and seafood.

– Popiah, a version of spring roll of turnip, eggs, chili sauce and prawns.

– Otak-otak, toasted mashed fish with coconut milk and chili.


– Features dishes of super-hot spices with coconut milk.

– Most popular is vindaloo of meat and poultry in a tangy spicy sauce.

– Variations include mee goreng of fried noodles with chili and curry gravy.

– Fish head curry of fish head, curry, chilies and seasoning.

– Roti prata and murtabak are also a favorite fare.


– Renowned for quality fresh ingredients of sushi, noodles, fried tempura and the hearty tonkatsu of breaded fried pork.

Source by James E Harrison

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