The Tastiest and Most Unique Hot Sauces and Hot Wing Recipes

As Blistering sauce collections go, mine is Significantly modest.  A collector in Lafayette has over 1,500 bottles.  I can Ensure you that I have a long Approach to go to even come Similar to that number.  If the collection grows to that Goal, I think I’ll never stop, but I’m in no hurry to get there.

  The bottles itself are as much a Discussion piece as the fierce hotness of the Subject,I will Illustrate to you my individual collection at so your gift can achieve as a swell kitchen decor or a nice stock for Exceptional occasions.I Assume that some of the graffics are Truly neat and there is some Remarkable one liners  : Do you imagine collector’s bottles and the Extraordinary prices they’re going for have “tarnished” the business at all?   There’s a lot of Folks out there primarily in need to buy sauces just for their Stormy sauce collections.  Meanwhile New Persons, such as I, who just buy hot sauces to actually Consume them. I have an Assortment of Some of the hottest hot sauces to some of the tamer and Yummy barbecue sauces.

  It seems like there is a Recent”Hottest Pepper in the World” every couple of years or so.   Not too long since it was the Crimson Savina Habanero with a Scoville heat rating of 577,000 units.   Right now it is the Naga Jolokia (also known as the Naga Morris, Nai Miris, Bih Jolokia and Bhut Jolokia,  with a whopping 1,001,304  Scoville Intensity Units

 According to the New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute.  In February 2007, Guinness World Records certified the Bhut Jolokia (aka Naga Jolokia) as the hottest pepper in the world  It is Allegedly called the “Ghost Pepper”For the reason that after one Taste of the pepper you “give up the ghost”.

.  Now Dave’s Gourmet has prepared a sauce from this Life-threatening pepper.   This is nothing to fool around with, it will Produce pain, a lot of pain So why would anyone Be looking for a sauce that Sizzling (other than for Audacity)?   This is Naught to fool around with.

  I hope You Pay a visit my website and Catch a glimpse of what I have
 to Explain you. I have Various Magnificent pictures and links of Hot wing eating contests, I have entered Numerous Contests myself, In one contest they brought out the wings with Ghost pepper in the recipe, I’ll tell you those were not for the faint of heart They had some serious Heat!!

  I believe myself an Authority on Fiery sauces, not because I Encompass the largest collection, I have Quite a few hundred Unique types. Not because I have been collecting Fiery sauces the longest, even though I have been collecting hot sauces for over 10 years. I consider myself an expert because Hot sauces are a Component of my life. I have some of the Hottest hot sauces, ( all heat and no flavor) and some of the Conventional staples similar to Tabasco sauce. I put that _ _ _ _  on everything.