The worlds hottest curry in action

Hey y’all…

So finally we got to air on Fly FM for the first time and it was a top show.

So in today’s lesson we learnt not to eat the worlds hottest curry, slapping people with cash is very amusing and the HTC advert is possible plus loads more.

We also held a competition to give away £30 worth of Fire Foods products (chilli ketchup, chilli mustard, the hottest curry sauce in the world, vodkilla and more). We asked which chilli was used in the curry we tried and the answer was…



Huzza and well done to Jonty Bell (@jonty_bell) who will now be dead by the end of the week, so send him your well wishes.

AND THIS is the podcast of the first show so if you missed have a listen PLUS there is the edited video of us eating the worlds hottest curry!


Laurence suffering from curry
The curry is causing Lolz distress
A huge thanks to the guys for coming down. Hope you get better soon!