Tuna Recipes From Around the World

Tuna thrives in many oceans throughout the world. As such it has been included in the diet of people in many different countries, each having their own ways and methods of preparing and cooking tuna. Take advantage of these wonderful ideas to turn your tuna meals into memorable feasts packed full of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3.

Companies which only catch tuna from sustainable sources and only use fishing methods which does not endanger other species of fish or marine mammals such as dolphins are the ones you should buy from. Check out company web sites to see if they are upfront enough to share with the world their policies on sourcing and catching tuna. You can then have peace of mind that the tuna you buy from them is of the highest quality as well as knowing that they are serious about their ways and means of fishing.

The Mediterranean is renowned for its healthy eating habits. Using the fresh ingredients and herbs which compliment the flavours transform tuna dishes into real culinary delights.

The lemon-sage flavour of coriander is ideal to use with tuna. Served with slices of sun ripened tomatoes and refrigerated roasted potato wedges. This dish is a simple yet effective way to serve tuna during the summer and makes a great alternative to salad.

A great way to serve tuna. hot or cold, is to be inspired by the Italians and add a little red pepper to spice things up a bit. Served on a bed of greens with fennel for lunch or thin pasta tossed with a little olive oil and sauteed garlic for supper. The natural goodness of the tuna is enjoyed by simply pan frying with the red peppers, add a touch of freshly chopped chilli if you really like things hot!

A traditional Seychelles method to serve tuna is to turn it into a mouth watering coconut curry. The tuna steaks are cubed and lightly browned before being cooked with saffron and coconut milk. This delicious recipe is not like a normal eaten curry in the UK, the heat is provided with chillies, fresh ginger, garlic, cardamom seeds and saffron or cumin. A few fresh curry leaves are also added. If you like curry you will simply adore this wonderful tuna dish.

Tuna is great for cooking on a barbeque, Americans and Australians include succulent tuna steaks during there barbeques throughout the year. The firm meaty texture is robust enough to be flipped and turned without disintegrating. As tuna only takes a few minutes to cook on each side and there are no associated health risks of eating it rare, tuna is the ideal barbeque food, far tastier than burnt burgers and much safer than undercooked sausages.

In the UK eating tuna steaks is becoming increasingly popular. People are beginning to realise and appreciate the health benefits of eating fish which provides Omega 3 to help improve their diets.

Whichever tuna recipes you use, you can certain that your family will enjoy the delicious taste and texture of this protein packed food which is so easy and fast to prepare and cook.

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