Unusual Gifts for Those Special People in Your Life!

When you are stumped to give that special someone a present and you just don’t know exactly what Gifts to give, why not choose from these exciting and unique options? There are personalised calendars, personalised mugs, pocket garden gifts, Spaceform keepsakes, grow it gifts, gift tins, personalised photo gifts, nostalgic gifts, engraved gifts, personalised pictures, humorous gifts and unusual gifts from which to choose.

Most personalised calendars are available in either an A4 wall hanging version or desktop format. Personalised mugs let you give someone a special, unusual gift that is stunning and quirky. Pocket gardens are a unique gift for any occasion and it is an easy way to give the gift of flowers without giving the responsibility of having to make them grow. Choose from between mini sunflowers, wild strawberries and hot stuff chilli pocket gardens to spice up anyone’s home! As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Spaceform glass gifts, these are unusual gifts for giving, and gifts for living. Personal and elegant, this is a keepsake to cherish. Grow It gift boxes make the perfect gift for a budding gardener. Choose from a wide range that includes: chilli plants, cactus plants, carnivorous plants, sunflowers, Aloe Vera, vegetable patch, fruit selection, and bonsai tree gift boxes. It doesn’t get much better than this in the unusual department!

Give someone an unusual gift with one of our unique Gift Tins or Packs, where you can become a Lord & Lady, name a star, name a rose, own an acre of land on the moon, take an IQ test, adopt a vine, discover the family’s history, or own a racecourse. Definitely out of the ordinary, wouldn’t you say and qualifies in the unusual gifts department quite easily. Or make someone smile with our range of unique photo gifts. A unique range of Personalised Photo Gifts are professionally printed with the photo of your choice – go on, put your photo onto anything from a faux suede wash bag, glasses case, canvas tote bag, tea cosy, director’s chair, faux suede tote bag, faux suede cushion, personalised deck chair, Lichtenstein style pop art print, Andy Warhol style pop art print, faux leather handbag, mini shopper bag, canvas wash bag, faux suede make up bag, canvas make up bag, beach bag, small canvas cushion, personalised apron or even the oven gloves! There’s nothing too unusual to personalise as a gift!

Nostalgic Gifts are unusual gift ideas that can mean a great deal to a person, for example, choose a set of classic coins, reproductions of old original news reports, or a breakfast mug – a Victorian inspired mug makes a great nostalgic gift. Scrapbooks, Decade books football memories sets, childhood memorabilia packs, a beautiful hardback version of a classic cookbook, a Blitz memorabilia pack, the RAF at War memorabilia pack, the Golden Age of Steam Trains memorabilia pack, The Golden Age of Cruise Liners, and even reminisce about your childhood holidays with a British Seaside Holidays memorabilia pack. As unusual gifts go, the rekindling of a memory has to be a winner!

Engraved items can also make for a special and unusual gift that can mean a lot to a person. Practically anything can be personalised for you: a silver plated money box, a Bundle of Joy photo album, a pewter tankard, silver plated flutes, a golf set, a stainless steel hip flask, square cufflinks, a wedding frame on an easel, a trinket box, a stylish desk set, a key money clip, to a compact mirror. A personal engraved message of your choice can bring tears of joy and real meaning to an unusual gift.

Personalised pictures are an unusual gift where any name is cleverly included within the photograph. For instance, you could exclusively reveal Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’ identity with a name of your choosing! An exclusive print spells out the name of your choice from themes as diverse as cooking, to sport, to fauna & flora, right up to having the name spelt out in the very stars themselves. It’s a fabulous, innovative and individualised gift that’s a keepsake for all time. But if it’s humour your after, look no further for an usual gift that will have them laughing out loud: anything from the sublime to the ridiculous such as a set of matching Pint and a Half Pint T-shirts for Dad and Nipper, to owning an acre of land on the Moon, and from a state-of-the-art spud gun to a personalised doormat, there are just so many unusual gifts to show your friends and family how much you care.