Vegetable Garden Planning — Get Off to a Great Start!

The secret to filling your family’s kitchen table with tasty, pleasing fresh vegetables is strong vegetable garden planning. If you are a novice, gather all the knowledge you are able to uncover, take copious notes, take advantage of every means at your fingertips, and then roll your sleeves up and jump right in. If you are an old hand, you may well have a better notion of what you need in your garden. Still, there is always something new to discover.


A good size for a beginner vegetable garden is 10′ x 16′. A well-planted area this size can feed a family of four for the summer. You should have a good amount left over to store for the winter.Make your rows about 1′ wide and 10′ long with 6 inches between. If possible, have your rows run north and south. You will get more use of the sunlight with this system.

Growing Season

As you settle on what to plant, contemplate where you live. Is the climate amenable to year-round growth? Should you begin your seedlings inside, or perhaps you even require a greenhouse to give you a leg up on the season. If you are located in the deep South you will probably be able to produce some vegetables throughout the year. With good planning, you can rotate your crops to get the most out of the area that you have on hand. Cauliflower, broccoli, onions, potatoes, turnips, and select varieties of beans and peas grow well in cold weather. Other types of beans and peas, leafy green vegetables, carrots and celery do better when the weather’s a bit more temperate. If you wish to grow tomatoes and okra and peppers you need to have ahot place for them to thrive.


Make certain that the plot you choose for your garden is unshaded and gets plenty of sunlight each day. It must drain well, since standing water promotes root rot. There are alternatives here for people who have less space. Container gardens, raised beds, and high density gardening permit you to grow more crops in a smaller space.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Whatever you decide, get plenty of assistance with your decision making and execution. There are lots of sites and helpful publications willing to play a big role in the construction of the wonderful garden that will supply your loved ones with tasty food and pleasant activity for countless years to come. Start at the beginning with good vegetable garden planning.