Very Hot Salad Dressing – Saladite, the Recipe

Saladite came to me by accident, like many great recipes do. I fancied something which was going to complement a finely chopped salad, comprising, iceburg lettuce, cucumber, radishes, spring onions, olives, celery, tomatoes and red peppers. Since this was an accompaniment to char-grilled Angus beef, I felt a very hot dressing dressing would bring it all to life.

I noticed that the conventional salad dressing from the local supermarket was at the dregs stage, so I poured in some malt vinegar to thin it down. It looked quite appetizing with a kind of gold, creamy color. OK – some extra virgin olive oil went in and I looked it for a couple of minutes. It was beginning to look like a serious bit of kit.

I just felt inspired to reach for some rough ground, dried chili and I put loads in. This was going to need salt, so that went in, too. The rounding off was easy – some dried mixed herbs, a squeeze of tomato puree and that was it; a very hot salad dressing that was also mellow, tangy and left you wanting more.

The thing about Saladite is that you can permutate it to your own taste very easily. Use the dregs from Worcestershire sauce, brown sauce, tomato sauce or from the old pickle jar. Maybe do not put in quite so much chili if the rest of the family can not take volcanic heat. You can also add crushed garlic, lemon juice and Shallots. I've even chopped fresh figs to give it a sweeter edge.

Experiment with your own versions; you'll soon land on a combination to suit your palate – and hopefully the taste buds of your friends and family, too.

This is a standard Saladite recipe for a wonderful 'very hot salad dressing'.

1) Quarter pint malt vinegar
2) Quarter pint virgin olive oil
3) 2 dessert spoons crushed, dried chili
4) Level teaspoon salt
5) 2 pinches dried herbs
6) Squeeze of tomato puree

Extras, to taste:

a) Crushed garlic
b) Finely chopped spring events or shallots
c) Finely chopped fresh figs or dates

All you have to do now is shake vigorously and leave for about a week if you can wait that long. Always shake again before use. If you just want to ginger up a classic French dressing, just mix a teaspoon of Saladite in with the dressing. You are now the proud owner of Throovest's legendary very hot salad dressing – Saladite!

Source by Arthur C. Throovest

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