What is a Roux and Why is it So Critical to Your Cajun Cooking?

If you’ve at any time ventured into the planet of Cajun cooking, or if you’ve been all-around Cajun cooking, then you’ve almost certainly heard the expression roux. This is a really basic ingredient in a assortment of French, Creole and Cajun recipes. But what specifically is roux and what is its purpose?

A roux is a combination of flour and extra fat. The extra fat is commonly in the kind of butter or oil. A roux is the basis for a lot of Cajun dishes this sort of as gumbo, etouffees and sauce piquantes. Now let us find out a tiny a lot more about the unique types of roux.

There are generally three types of roux:

There is gentle roux or what is referred to as “blond” roux. There is medium roux, usually acknowledged as “peanut butter” colored roux. Ultimately, there is dark roux. The shade of roux determines the style of the roux.

Building excellent roux will come with practice. The planning and the shade of the roux is dependent on the cooking time. If you are trying to attain a “blond” roux, you require to cook your roux only 4 to 5 minutes. If you want to get the smoky taste of a dark roux, you may have to cook it for 20 5 minutes at a significant heat or up to an hour at a lower heat.

Now the most difficult component of building roux is the reality that it need to be stirred continually. This implies there is certainly no stopping. You won’t be able to remedy the phone, go to the bathroom, chase your youngsters out of the cookie jar, etcetera. Constantly implies no stopping for even a couple of seconds. If you will not continually stir the roux, it will melt away.

You need to also be really very careful when stirring the roux. It is really warm. If you start out to see black specks in your roux, then you have burned it. It need to be thrown out and you require to start out over. Building a roux usually takes a good deal of patience and practice.

Roux with thicken your gumbo, sauces and etouffees and stews. If you want to attain a roasted, nutty taste to any of your Cajun recipes, you need to find out to make a dark roux. But preserve in brain that the dark roux has much less thickening electricity.  

So if you want to develop into a correct Cajun or Creole cook, you need to find out to make a excellent roux. This will develop into the foundation for a lot of of your dishes. But as you can see, you require to  be completely ready to dedicate a good deal of time to your roux.

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