worlds hottest pizza anyone?

In the coming days i am hoping to bring you some news on a deal with a pizza chain, together we have developed what can only be described as the worlds hottest pizza!

We are gearing up for a very busy time ahead, we have West dean around the corner, also we are getting a large order off to the garlic farm on the IOW.

Today i made a batch of Infinity and beyond sauce, my hands are on fire, i also splatted my feet which are also on fire, i’m now too scared to have a bath because of the pain that will follow!

Over the weekend i have also potted on some riot and joes long chillis, these will be going along to our next shows.

After finishing off a batch of hot salami fire sticks i thought i would have a nibble, man these are hot, they even had me going for the milk, not surprising as they are made with 1 million extract!

But its not all work work work, tomorrow i’m off to peterborough greyhounds to watch fire foods woody trying to qualify for the pboro derby, if he gets in i will book a table and splash out!! Its not quite royal ascot but the next best thing for me!

hokey dokey, thats this week rapped up, i’m in the mood for a long soak, few drinks and chilli. Hope you all had a good weekend.

woody x